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Wholesome Technologies

The technologies used in our practice.

Wholesome Technologies Vision

We live in an unprecedented time with our air, water, food, medicines, personal care products, energy fields, and more are compromised with irritants that constantly challenge our bodies’ systems. As a result, we often need support to operate, heal, and thrive. The technologies used in our practice are designed to reinforce and optimize the processes of our natural systems to encourage functioning at the highest potential.


The AmpCoil System is a wellness tool that supports the energetic body that is reflected throughout our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.


AmpCoil users report less pain, higher energy, enhanced mental clarity, and improved digestion and circulation.


AmpCoil’s combination of technologies delivers desired energy frequencies through a custom-designed amplifier into an electromagnetic coil, creating a pulsed electromagnetic field that travels through the deepest reaches of ones’ cells. The coil is placed on the body while a program of frequencies designed to nourish and restore the energetic body is played. Cleanse programs assist in counteracting the stress associated with microbes, metals, and toxins. Over time, as you harmonize the distorted vibrations and amplify the positive vibrations, your body remembers and better retains its natural state of being. With repetitive use, AmpCoil tunes you in to the best version of you!

Wholesome Therapies works with an army of local AmpCoil owners to provide you with the AmpCoil access and support you needed.

First time AmpCoil Session with Consult and Voiceprint - $75

AmpCoil Sessions without Consult - $60

30 Minute Consult with Voiceprint - $50

Session Packages, Memberships, and Rentals Available - Contact us for details


Toxins stored and hidden in the body’s tissues are attracted to negative and positive charged ions. The IonCleanse ionic footbath generates both kinds of ions which can be absorbed through the feet when placed in the bath. When these toxins are attracted out of storage, they can be removed from the body through natural detoxification processes. IonCleanse’s high-quality design and construction set it well above other products available on the market.


Users with lyme, autoimmune disorders, heavy metal toxicity, mold toxicity, chemical toxicity, and more have shared their success stories of recovery while using the IonCleanse. 

Call, text, or email to schedule or find out more:

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