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About Us

Who we are

Wholesome Therapies is an organization of wellness and healing services providing care through manual therapy (Wholesome Bodywork), mental/emotional health (Wholesome Counseling), and with the support of life supporting devices (Wholesome Technology), all with the understanding that true health encompasses many features of one’s life.


Wholesome Therapies is an organization of collaborative practitioners, sharing resources, thus further enabling practitioners to focus on their gifts, the care of our clients, and the wellness of the community at large. Wholesome Therapies organizes wellness-centered educational events and offerings, we provide our clients with modalities that reinforce their natural healing systems, and we cultivate our practitioners’ abilities through mentorship, continuing education, and relief of many of their logistics/business responsibilities.

- We Are Guided On The Following Principles

Clients’ wellness involves many aspects of life including their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, creative, communal well being, and more.

Clients and practitioners are students and participants in wellness, not just passengers and healers.

Empowerment to clients is encouraged over dependency on our business services.

The orientation of abundance and growth in our mindset and operation is nurtured over the orientation of lack and confinement.

To better understand if Wholesome Therapies is right for you as a client, a practitioner, or support staff, contact us today.

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