Alex Willen

I've combined my background in Mechanical Engineering, athletics, and laboratory fitness testing with an ever-expanding experience and education in Structural Integration, movement, and more. I've successfully completed the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration certification course, and have taken trainings with the Gray Institute for Functional Movement, James Earls' Active Fascial Release, Hakomi Institute for mindful somatic psychology, NYC's Center for Optimal Living for psychedelics in therapy, MAPS's Zendo Project for psychedelic harm reduction through peer support, and more.  I value the opportunity to share my knowledge and talents in an effort to help you reach your goals.


As a competitive rugby player in the US and abroad, a number of injuries increased discomfort and prevented me from advancing to higher levels of competition. Others appeared to move more fluidly and I was constantly struggling to keep up. The continued physical therapy I received to address injury after injury did not satisfy my search for a more full understanding. A series of concussions and change in priorities eventually took me away from competitive rugby but my interest in optimized function and finding inner balance, kept me in the hunt for solutions; Especially because expressing myself and enjoying life through parenthood, body weight movement, trail running, rock climbing, snowboarding, and many other activities, require a healthy body and mind.


When working as an engineer in the fitness-product testing field and in a continued quest to address chronic pain and regular fatigue, a mentor informed me about ATSI. I found a local practitioner in NYC. The education and consciousness of the applied ATSI therapy brought awareness and understanding to underlying conditions. These conditions made me more prone to injury and energy sinks, and started with poor posture, habits, beliefs, and movement patterns.

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