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Wholesome Counseling

Mindfulness based, body-centered assisted self study.

Wholesome Counseling Vision

The way we experience life and the way we express ourselves is heavily influenced by our conscious and unconscious beliefs. Met and unmet needs, traumas, and conditioning in our lives form these beliefs through which we understand and navigate the world.


Changing these beliefs, and in turn changing our worlds, can require the support of a counselor with an awareness, compassion, focus, and tact to help you access, acknowledge, and course correct. Our talented counselors help empower you with the knowledge, resources, and experiences, with a loving presence and approach, to help liberate you from past conditioning, provide new options in your responses to situations, and help you live the life you desire and know is possible.


- Alex Willen

Alex's approach to counseling is centered around a mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy model called Hakomi. Alex’s other studies include consciousness, change management, goal setting, psychedelic integration, and more.


Leveraging years as a professional, with first-hand experience in a variety of modalities and medicines, Alex brings a lifetime of personal self-growth and healing to his practice. Alex has a proclivity to help clients’ break through barriers and a perpetual drive to better support lasting positive change in the world. Time with Alex can be scheduled for in-person or online sessions. 

Alex’s background also includes competing as a semi-professional athlete, and working in mechanical engineering and management. Alex’s calling to support others in their wellness and healing now finds him physically in service of the Fort Collins and Boulder communities, and remotely in service of communities world-wide.


When not working with clients, Alex can be found playing with his daughter Emmberlyn and son Maxwell, exploring Colorado and the surrounding area, getting into nature, partaking in community, studying the mind and body, and investing in his own wellness and healing.

Sessions with Alex are on a sliding scale of $80 to $120/hour billed at $15 minute increments past 1 hour.

Call, text, or email Alex to schedule or find out more:


- Jason Gallaher

Jason has a Master’s in Clinical Counseling and is a student of the Hakomi method. The collaborative and somatic nature of this work naturally increases awareness in your body, helping you to learn new ways of existing that feel good. Together you and Jason will work together, creating a safe space where you can explore your limitations and frustrations, generating new possibilities and greater degrees of freedom, and accomplishing your goals in the process.

Jason is a creative and kind-hearted therapist with more than 14 years of experience helping people improve their lives in various capacities.

Jason thrives in helping growth-oriented individuals who are dissatisfied physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually, realize options, and explore freedom in order to experience clarity and well-being.

Sessions with Jason are $120/hour.

Call or text Jason to schedule or find out more:


- The Hakomi Method

The Hakomi method and a Hakomi session can be described as assisted self study, where the principles of mindfulness, non violence, mind/body wholeness, unity, and organicity, help you access and change “core material.”


Hakomi is an experiential psychotherapy, meaning present, felt experience is used as a route to this core material. Therapists work with clients and often their strong emotions, bound energy, and their inner child, to find coherence in the client, and then help them to integrate new beliefs, modes and choices into everyday life.


It is in the ability to transform new possibilities discovered in the sessions into on-going actualities of daily living, where real change happens. 

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