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Wholesome Bodywork

Meet our Bodywork specialists - Alex and Jason.

Wholesome Bodywork Vision

The physical body holds a collection of experiences and memories that extend beyond acute symptoms. Our manual therapists treat the body with the understanding that effective and sustainable improvements begin with accessing, experiencing, and education about the conditions that find you seeking care.


We also believe lasting improvement extends beyond the time spent working together during a session. Attunement to your body, corrective exercise, and a posture-and movement-healthy lifestyle contribute to a longer lasting holistic physical well-being.


At Wholesome Bodywork, you are a partner and student in your healing. You are not just a client.


- Alex Willen

Alex Willen's Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI/SI) bodywork practice is rooted in mindfulness and is directed at providing relief, balance, awareness, and education. The application of SI is a slow and steady manual therapy of your body's fascia. With roots in Osteopathy and Rolfing, SI can help you identify and address locations of inefficiencies, trauma, and energetic and emotional blockages.


Alex has extensive bodywork and corrective exercise training including certifications in functional movement and functional anatomy, calisthenic training, fascia release, and much more.

Alex's interest in and abilities treating others began at an early age and continued throughout his life. Alex went on to compete in semi-professional sports internationally and work professionally in mechanical engineering and management.


Alex’s calling to support others in their wellness and healing now finds him in service of the Fort Collins and Boulder communities.


When not working with clients, Alex can be found playing with his daughter Emmberlyn and son Maxwell, exploring Colorado and the surrounding area, getting into nature, partaking in community, studying the mind and body, and investing in his own wellness and healing.

Sessions with Alex are on a sliding scale of $80 to $120/hour and $130 to $170/90 minutes.

Call, text, or email Alex to schedule or find out more:


- Jason Gallaher

Heavily based in the works of John Barnes Myofascial Release, energy work, and listening to the body’s wisdom, Jason works in a collaborative and somatic nature to naturally increase awareness in your body, helping you to learn to move in new ways that feel good.


This is not just something that is being done to you as in traditional massage. This is a learning experience. Decreasing nervous system tension, fascial tension, and muscular tension allows for the body to move freely. 

Jason is a creative and kind-hearted therapist with more than 14 years of experience helping people improve their lives in various capacities. The lessons of working with senior populations in rehabilitation centers, being a bodyworker, serving as a physical therapist assistant, working as a counselor, and his role as a husband and a father all inform Jason’s approach to caring for others.


Jason thrives in helping growth-oriented individuals who are dissatisfied physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually to let go, realize options, and explore freedom in order to experience clarity and well-being.

Sessions with Jason are $120/hour.

Call or text Jason to schedule or find out more:

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