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Alex Willen's journey as of 12.2023

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Mini massage therapist

Starting as a child, Alex learned that by soothing others through massage and listening, or by mirroring their character traits, he could feel safe and belonging. He was encouraged to capitalize on his gender, ethnicity, and appearance to gain power. The birth-born qualities both provided Alex benefit and also made him the target of those who have been harmed by larger caucasian cisgender men, and by those who wanted the associated power. The pursuit of power utilizing privilege, combined with the attempts of fitting in by acting like others, and the attempt to find safety in holding space, found Alex confused and unaware of his authentic self.

About 10 year old Alex was already massaging and holding space for others.

Mostly raised by other kids, TV, games, and with caregivers who focused more on careers and status than attunement and engagement, Alex lived a significant portion of his life repeating unhealthy patterns where power, acceptance, and appearance motivated his actions. Intense exercise and competitive semi-professional rugby in the US and abroad, promoted anger and insensitivity while pushing his body to and beyond its limits. Alex had a 15+ year career in Mechanical Engineering and management where he worked alongside executives to identify and implement strategic initiatives. The accomplishments and rewards were great, until they weren’t. The anger, struggles for status, medical conditions, and a general dissatisfaction in life found Alex shifting his life focus towards healing, self-realization, and providing a positive impact with others, including his personal and professional relationships, and especially with his kids.

Where back pains, headaches, and muscle soreness were abundant
Alex in rugby phase

Alex heavily invested in his education of- and activity in- healing from the seemingly adverse events he lived throughout life. While you can find more about his education and credentials below, some of his more unique and ingrained characteristics are from his early childhood activities in attuning and empathizing, paired with his occasionally triggering physical qualities and identity. Alex's combination of background, physical appearance, and presence, can surprise clients in a therapeutic relationship where a white, male, CIS-person who can represent historical oppression in many facets, can be much more healing than previously consciously realized.

Much less pains and more pursuits of true self
More recent version of Alex

Alex is honored to share and expand upon life’s gifts by supporting the growth and prosperity of clients, the communities and culture to which he contributes, and the development of his children. His calling to support others in their wellness and healing now finds him in service of the Fort Collins and Boulder communities.


Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI/SI) bodywork - A bodywork practice directed at providing relief, balance, awareness, and education. The application of SI is a slow and steady manual therapy of your body's fascia, which includes muscles, nerves, blood vessels, organs, lymph, and bones. With roots in Osteopathy and Rolfing, SI can help you identify and address locations of inefficiencies, injury, and blockages. Along with the bodywork, the awareness of opportunities, corrective exercises, stretching, and healthy movement guidance provide the long term solutions many clients seek.

Part of Anatomy Trains Structural Integration bodywork with Tom Myers
Alex training in Walpole Maine

Hakomi mindfulness based body-centered coaching - A somatic psychotherapy model folding in buddhist principles, humanistic approaches, and developmental understandings, where deep assisted self-study of clients reveal unconscious limiting beliefs and therapeutic connections with the coach and provide profound growth and healing.

Others - certifications in functional movement (Grey Institute - 3D Maps) and functional anatomy (James Earls), studies in calisthenic training and general movement (ApeCo Movement, Ido Portal Method, ATG/Knees Over Toes, Neurokinetic Therapy/NKT), fascia release (Massage Mentor), anatomy (Laboratory of Anatomical Enlightenment, Gil Hedley Nerve Tour), JSG school of massage therapy, License of Massage Therapy, and much more.

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