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In service for the whole person

Encouraging healing and wellbeing through mindful, coordinated, and compassionate care.

- About Wholesome Therapy

True and effective healing and wellbeing involves harmony throughout one’s life including one's body, mind, environment, community, and spirit.


Wholesome Therapies' talents and interests are centered around supporting each individual client’s holistically healthy life.


- We Can Help 

Experience your potential and unfound possibilities

You know a better life is possible and you haven’t experienced results through mainstream approaches to healing and well being.

Activate innate systems

In alignment with your natural systems, our approaches are designed to empower you as the amazing individual and creator that you know you are.

Deepen self-awareness

Further understand and gain desirable abilities in your body, your beliefs, and your super powers to excel you into a life filled with abundance and opportunity.

- Wholesome Therapies Services



Deepen your level of embodiment while finding relief in compromised function of your physical body through manual therapy, corrective exercises, and education.

Somatic Coaching

You know a better and easier existence is possible and our counseling can help you understand yourself, reconnecting you in the direction of that life desired.



Our environment is filled with toxins that prevent our bodies from fully functioning and healing. These wicked problems call for our wholesome solutions.

Supporting people's innate healing systems

Supporting people's innate healing systems

- What Our Clients Say 

Today I find [my] torso is more upright with less effort to keep it that way. It's probably part physical and part psychological, but there is a difference. The awareness alone has a beneficial effect.

John W

[The] work we are doing has provided relief and I’m feeling more ease and freedom in my joints. [I] really am feeling the benefits, can’t thank you enough.

Joanna W

My body felt much free-er and elongated, part by part. [Alex is] like a mechanical body engineer:)

Faye B

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